Friday, 31 August 2012

Far East in Vietnam - flying East, as far as I have ever been - alone!

Flying makes me anxious, the pure thought of it - I hadn't slept properly the entire week, waking to sweats of nervousness. It's 11 hours to Hanoi from London Gatwick via an airline I hadn't heard of - Vietnam Airlines. Settling on board I was comforted by the fact that it's part of the Star Alliance (phew, Air France I had heard of).

It's amazing what you experience across an 11-hour flight. One seat, little leg room, restricted food, dehydration, lack of sleep and a mixture of movies you'd most often avoid - then there's the emotion, and so there's nothing like travelling alone. Waiting at the departure gate excitement ran through my blood; settling into position I a intrigued of my onward journey; taking off and reality hits - I am on holiday - YES, relaxation. Then comes the little tipsy moment after a few too many Bloody Marys, laughter at films; then as you now confidently try to snuggle to sleep in an upright position, the plane jolts.

Suddenly, in the pitch black surrounded by a cargo of people, I am all alone. Scared. Family, friends and loved ones flash through my mind. No-one to hold. No-one to hold me - the tears roll, hugging the blanket tight I squeeze my eyes shut begging for sleep. The plane soothes, relief eases my muscles - fear, so far away from home, so far away from anyone I know....

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