Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Featured blog post: Hotels smoking dope?

What are some Hoteliers Smoking ?

smoking hoteliersI just have to get this of my chest, and share my latest experiences with you. I love it how many hoteliers complain about the fact that OTA are penetrating their hotel too far and are almost controlling their business. And not to forget the rants we hear about the ARR being too low. But sometimes we have to look at ourselves instead of blaming others. Some hotels just have to get their revenue management strategy in order, more than anything else.
A perfect example is what happened to me this week when reserving a hotel in Bandung, a large university and retail outlet city in Indonesia. I called a hotel listed in the first page of TripAdvisor to find out what their rates are. I was quoted Rp. 1.200.000. I decided to look around a bit more knowing I should be able to get a better deal in this market. When I looked on the hotel website and saw rooms available at Rp. 800.000. I decided to call back the hotel.

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