Thursday, 5 April 2012

Vietnam - welcomed to a home of a local for lunch, Ninh Binh

Cycling or motorbiking can truly get you to the heart and soul of Vietnam. Cities have modernised and adopted many international and cosmopolitan attitudes but the countryside of any country will show you how people really live.

35km from the centre of Ninh Binh we're welcomed for lunch with a local farming family to enjoy a traditional meal. 5 days into the trip and every meal has been Vietnamese and delivered with enthusiasm with each chop stick load delivering a brilliant pang in the mouth and settling easy the stomach.

So to ensure you see what has been enjoyed check out the collection of photos from the traditional wooden house (built in 1963 before recently building a much larger place by brick).

The meal consisted of:
- spring rolls
- BBQ fish
- stewed pork
- sweet and sour beef and pineapple
- rice
- steamed vegetables
- watermelon