Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Magic of Voucher Sites for Hotel Bookings

Group-On, Living Social and Deal Monster are just a couple of the businesses now offering exclusive and hard to resist deals. Want lunch for £2? Want a massage for 75% off? Want to go on holiday at a stupid price? These sites offer everything at such a bargain it is hard to believe.

In fact people buy these vouchers purely for the offer presented to them, but did you know that a majority of people fail to cash in their voucher? So these businesses are making Big Bucks.

I've been victim to these vouchers sites, I've bought lunch deals and day trips, I've laughed at the price I was paying - but I can assure you now, when I came to cash in these vouchers I was less than happy.

The problem with these vouchers is there are so many restrictions, so if you are buying a voucher to stay at a hotel or it is a holiday deal CHECK the Terms and Conditions:
- Where is the hotel located? Is it easy to get to?
- When can you book the hotel? Is it limited to seasons and weekdays? Is it a particular type of room and you cannot upgrade?
- What is included in the voucher?
- If a flight is included check what airport and airline you maybe flying with.
- Does the hotel have the right to cancel the booking?
- Can you rearrange?
- How long is the voucher valid for?
- What happens to your rights if your voucher offer is discontinued within the validity period?

One of my travel friends bought a golfing holiday only to be told he could only depart from London Luton with RyanAir and had to fly on specified dates that took weeks to negotiate and confirm by the hotel. The hotel was pretty reluctant. My friend has to book transfers from the airports and the cost of these alone escalated the price of this trip.

Don't get caught out by exclusively amazing can't resist deals - they could end up being a BIG waste of money.